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Digital Marketing

Once upon a time digital marketing used to mean one thing: Banners. Thankfully the days of the animated gif being the sole method of creating interest in a particular product or service are long gone.

There are now many effective options available to those wishing to market their wares online from display advertising to blogging to social networking applications.

At Classic Studios we are able to advise on what channels will provide the best ROI for your proposition and then implement and execute the digital marketing strategy by producing highly effective marketing assets.

Several of these exciting marketing channels are detailed below.


Communicating intimately with your audience might seem challenging when your key objective is to sell a particular product or service.

However, the blogging platforms Classic Studios have created have enabled large businesses to bring their audience much closer to them – creating a dialogue with the consumer that has helped shaped future marketing strategies.



Social networks have become a very important arena for marketers to communicate with potential customers.

Creating branded content or applications that users can download, manipulate and share with other users can enhance brand loyalty and help drive sales.

Classic Studios believe that social media is a very exciting arena for digital marketing and are able to develop concepts for clients that utilise it to its full potential.


Mobile marketing and advertising encompasses a plethora of different entities including websites, banner adverts, text messaging and Bluetooth marketing.

Advancements in mobile phone technology have enabled this emergent medium to become diverse and highly sophisticated. With 75% of the UK population now owning a mobile, the potential audience exceeds even those who have access to PCs.

Classic Studios therefore feel that this is an area that should be carefully considered when creating any digital marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Attaining top spot in the natural search results is the Holy Grail when it comes to SEO. With Google continuously tweaking its algorithm to try and ascertain the best matches for any particular search terms, the task of optimising a site has become a scientific undertaking.

At Classic Studios we build our websites from the ground up with SEO firmly in mind – the fabric of every page is constructed so that search engine robots can scan them easily.

Beyond the development of the website itself, Classic Studios use many ethical techniques to help build the all-important inbound links from other relevant websites.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click campaigns are not only proven as a great direct response advertising tool, but are also very effective at building brand awareness.

Preparation is key – from keyword research to making sure the user-journey from click to conversion is as smooth as possible. Classic Studios specialise in building sound, effective and well thought out Pay Per Click campaigns.


Focusing a user’s attention within the environment of a large website can sometimes be tricky.

A particular product or service may require a more specialised online presence in order to be marketed effectively. Microsites are smaller websites that can perform this task by focusing on a small amount of information in greater detail.

Classic Studios have created a range of microsites for different organisations. Coming up with a strong concept is key and with our digital marketing expertise, at Classic Studios we’re well placed to deliver highly effective microsites.

Display Advertising

“Whether it be through a banner or expandable skyscraper, MPU unit or overlay, display advertising online is proven to be effective for both direct response and branding campaigns.” – Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).

With a strong portfolio of direct response and branding campaigns, Classic Studios are well equipped to create effective display advertising.

Rich media technologies, including video advertising and sophisticated ad serving platforms, have made the medium incredibly versatile at delivering high-visibility, targeted messaging.

HTML Emails

Email marketing can be a very cost-effective method of communicating with your target audience.

We can help shape your ideas and marketing messages in order to make the most of this direct marketing tool.

Unfortunately though, there are some unethical operators that send large volumes of unsolicited emails (SPAM). Classic Studios ensures that all mail from our systems is only sent to those that have not only granted permission for communications, but have also actively demonstrated their interest in receiving mail.