Classic Studios

Carbon Impacts

Full website design and production, eCommerce

Carbon Impacts is a carbon offsetting company that encourages individuals and businesses to take responsibility for their actions by offsetting their carbon emissions.


The main purpose of the Carbon Impacts website is to encourage the purchase of carbon credits and therefore the key aspect of this project was the user interface and functional design of the carbon credit purchasing engine.

The secondary key aspect was to inform the user clearly as to how and where their money would be spent. This helped to reinforce the company philosophy of being an ‘ethical carbon company’.


The design of the site needed to be engaging but functional with emphasis on allowing users to access key information as quickly as possible and, of course, to allow for the smooth and efficient purchasing of carbon credits.

The technology solution we provided included the following:

  • Rules based calculators
  • An eCommerce system
  • PDF generator used to create certificates when required by the system
  • Seamless integration with Secure Trading.


The site helped Carbon Impacts’ customers offset over one thousand tonnes of carbon in the first month of trading alone. This prompted the company to invest further in the website and the development of its carbon calculation tools.