Classic Studios

Think! Fairtrade

Full website design and production, Content Management System (CMS)

Think! is a clothing retailer selling fairly traded women’s wear that provides India’s rural and urban poor with a means of income; earned through traditional handloom weaving and garment production.


ThinK! required a microsite to show off their first range of fair trade clothing.

The site had to accommodate photographic images of the clothing as well different colour swatches in order to, ultimately, encourage users to purchase the garments.


In conjunction with design studio OME Design a compact site was produced to reflect the boutique nature of the business; together with a news content management system allowing the sole proprietor to keep the growing user-base informed of ongoing developments.


The site has been a big success, not just in terms of the revenue generated via online purchases, but also by raising awareness of the brand and the environmental and economic implications of buying ethical clothing.