Classic Studios


Email marketing, Banner campaign

QDOS, a spin-off company of Garlik, calculates for its users a score which reflects their ‘online self’. This score is determined by their popularity, activity and impact in the digital world.


QDOS needed to develop some compelling digital marketing materials for their funky new online service.

The first project was to develop HTML emails encouraging users to use their QDOS accounts once they had signed up.

The latest project has seen Classic Studios develop a banner campaign to promote QDOS across the Google ad network.


The creatives we developed utilised the distinctive brand equity of coloured pebbles to create a backdrop for the typography and key messaging.

The banners also used animated icons of people to convey the core marketing messages – combined with strong calls to action.


The email campaign elicited a very positive response from consumers with an above-average click through rate. The banner campaign is currently ongoing.