Classic Studios

Honey Monster

Full website design and production, bespoke technology development, flash games, video manipulation and optimisation, blog, and search engine optimisation.

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brand Honey Monster Foods produce a number of cereals including Sugar Puffs and cereal bar Harvest Cheweee.


Honey Monster Foods wanted to re-establish themselves as a firm family favourite within the cereal market and began a period of reinvestment in their brand. As part of this they wanted to leverage their famous brand equity; The Honey Monster.

A key component of the marketing campaign involved the development of a brand-led website that showcased the various products, as well as being fun, interactive and encouraging the target groups to engage with the Honey Monster brand.


There were several components to the solution that Classic Studios provided. These included:

  • Strategic consultancy on how best to develop the brand online.
  • Development of unique code entry mechanism for an online competition.
  • Flash game design and production with high-scores card.
  • Video editing and manipulation including creation of Karaoke version of TV advert song.
  • Ringtone download area.
  • Honey Monster blog.
  • Classic Ads section showcasing the famous old adverts.
  • Alton Towers competition entry mechanism.

The solution was rolled out over a number of months to tie in with the various promotional activities that Honey Monster Foods were undertaking. This required close collaboration with third parties such as DreamWorks and Alton Towers to ensure the presentation of their brand assets adhered to strict branding guidelines.


Visitor numbers to the website increased rapidly after the initial launch peaking at almost 10,000 page impressions per day within three months of launch.

Feedback from users of the site has been very positive with the inclusion of old TV adverts on the site proving extremely popular.

Honey Monster Foods are looking to build on these foundations by expanding the site’s content and driving traffic to the site through further on-pack promotions.