Classic Studios


Information Architecture, Interface design

SciDev is an online journal focusing on news, views and information about science and technology in the developing world.


SciDev were looking to overhaul their website and to update the design and functionality of their popular online journal.

The key design objectives was to maintain the clarity and accessibility of the content whilst introducing new user functions such as sharing/book-marking tools and user comments.


The interface design solution had to meet several requirements; not just from an aesthetic point of view, but also from an end-user platform perspective. This was due to a large proportion of the audience being based in the developing world and only able to access the site through slower connections and lower screen resolutions.

The design utilises a simple colour code with judicious use of graphics and imagery optimised to aid the user-experience wherever they are employed.


The SciDev website re-launched in March 2008 and has been extremely well received by the scientific community with a surge in registrants and unique visitors to the website.