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Full website design and production, bespoke technology development

Snowslippers are a ski holiday company specialising in ski holidays for schools, universities and adult groups.


The Snowslippers website had several important roles to perform. With its main customer base being schools and school children, it had to appeal to the key decision makers at the schools such as teachers and the parents of potential holiday attendees.

As well as satisfying the target audience, the site also needed to broaden the appeal of the company in order to generate more sales from adult groups.


A stylish yet simple site was designed in order to widen the appeal of the company whilst still meeting the needs of the core target market.

Large photographic images were combined with alpine colour schemes to create an enticing look and feel.

The content, which ranges from information about the resort and accommodation to weather reports and links to webcams, is all presented clearly with clear calls to action that drive users to make a booking enquiry.


The site averages 3,000 unique visitors per month, but more importantly, Snowslippers receives 30 to 50 enquiries through the website every month.