Classic Studios


Branding, Full website design and production

The aim of DJaid is to raise money for the charity WaterAid via the organisation of dance music events around the UK.


The website needed to have a slick and stylish look and feel to reflect the lifestyle that many of the users and potential attendees of the events are interested in.

It also needed to reflect their status as a charitable concern and convey important information about the objectives of the organisation, plus, of course, promote upcoming fundraising events.


Getting the identity right was a crucial aspect of this project as the organisation needed to communicate with a fashionable audience who are used to engaging with eye-catching logos and sophisticated branding. The result is a logo that balances the design sensibilities of this user-group with the needs of the organisation in portraying themselves as a legitimate, charitable enterprise.

The site design utilises the iconic imagery of a pair of headphones and combines it with retro digital typefaces and stylised puddles of water. The interface has strong calls to action prompting users to donate money and buy tickets to the next event.


With the website providing the latest information on forthcoming DJaid events, the live nights have been a great success having already raised over £12,000 after just 3 events.